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Cane Corso

About Paradiso Cane Corso’s

  1. AKC REG

Our pure bred AKC and ICCF registered Cane Corso dogs are used as our farm’s livestock protection. 

Our introduction to the breed is much different than those of others… We met an old farmer who had HUGE dogs and fell in love with them immediately! We soon became fast friends and he told us stories about “his beloved breed” of dog the Cane Corso. He told us that his family has owned and bred this breed for 5 generations of his family and that they were used on his family farms. His family moved to the United States when he was just a young man in rural New York where his family brought their big dogs and continued to breed them for the “mob bosses” . His family knew the Sotiles but his story differed from that of what is widely known as the “near extinction of the breed”… According to my friend the breed was NEVER nearing “extinction” but rather they had simply moved geographical location. My friend continued to breed the dogs for the Mafia and soon found himself working for John Gotti.

 As a very private person my friend doesn’t breed “his dogs” for just anyone but he did allow us to breed to his 227 pound Cane Corso that was the BIGGEST dog I have ever seen in my life! Our foundation dogs are based on this very old traditional Cane Corso. Our dogs tend to be on the larger size with females between 120-150 and males 150+ … In keeping with the tradition of the original Cane Corso our dogs are raised on our Goat Dairy farm and used as their guardians. Their abilities are amazing and natural instincts are without peer. We strive for a perfect blending of: Working, Health, Temperament, and Structure. Health testing all of our dogs via DNA, genetic screening and OFA for hips, elbows, and heart. Our dogs are loving family dogs that know how to read people… they are not merely a “pet” but a valued member of the family. When you get a puppy from us you become part of our extended family and are given lifetime support.




Kennel Certifications


"We got our beautiful fawn Corso from Renee and we were so impressed with how healthy and chunky she was! Renee clearly gives her pups all of her time and heart and it really shows!"

Heather Muzzey

“Last year we had the pleasure of obtaining our first Cane Corso from Renee. What a amazing experience! She is so knowledgeable and dedicated to her pups. She invests so much love and time into her puppies that this experience didn’t feel like a purchase. Our baby Ruger, has been a delight since we brought him home. I really appreciate how Renee is always available for advice and support with every aspect of bringing our puppy home and after.”


“I am a proud owner of a Cane Corso purchased from Renee. My sweet Ophelia Pearl will be 2 years of age this January. I strive to be a dog owner like Renee. Her pack of Corsos live like Kings & Queens. She is so kind hearted and takes the utmost care of all her animals. I am blessed to have one of her pups to call my family!. Pearl is beautiful, healthy, and just perfect!"

– Ophelias mom

“We got our puppy from Renee in 2020. She lets you know right from the start that you are always welcome to go by and spend time with your puppy. She keeps you in the loop consistently with pictures and videos of the puppies so you can watch them grow up those first 8 weeks. They’re beyond well cared for by Renee. When you get a puppy from her you know you’re getting a well-bred, well cared for, socialized, healthy puppy and the temperaments of these dogs are so great. But it doesn’t stop there. Even after you bring your puppy home, Renee is just a phone call, text, or Facebook message away if you have questions or need help or anything. It’s not like you just picked up a puppy from a breeder and went on your way, it’s like you become part of her Cane Corso family. She is the absolute best and so are her puppies.

– labenziger

“We purchased our baby girl for for future show and possibly breeding. I love that Renee and Rich explain to us what to expect and genetic in our dogs. I’m high recommend them, very knowledgeable and helpful people. We just instantly became a part of the family. They not just sell you a dog they offer you support if you need with group of knowledge people. Thank You guys for our beautiful girl Diana."

– ilona Fairall

“I very highly recommend Renee Irvine as a breeder, she was very communicative throughout the whole process, and beyond! She is always there for us for any questions we have. I chose this breeder because her love shows through, it's about her love of her pack and not because she is trying to make money. Our Mia is perfect and is gorgeous, we are forever grateful to have found Renee and her husband when searching for a new fur baby."

– ktorres

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