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About Our Farm

Paradise Farms: is a small Mom & Pop goat dairy. In these troubled times we live in we have been striving to become more self sufficient. We tried our hand at growing our own food, raising the typical barn yard fowl so that we would have eggs, and meat to eat. But we also wanted to produce our own milk and cheese in case these items were to become unavailable. So I did a tremendous amount of research before purchasing my first Pure Bred Nubian Dairy Goat. The first criteria was that the milk needed to have the “best taste” I’ve heard of goat’s milk not tasting like cow milk and the flavor being “off”… My research lead me to the Nubians as having the best tasting milk and it’s nearly indestingishable from cow’s milk except a bit sweeter and creamier. I can live with that… My philosophy has always been that it costs as much to care for beautiful, well bred, animals as it does something “mixed” bred. So I poured through more than 12 years of “show” records to see who had the very BEST Pure Bred Nubians I could find. And with this information in hand I purchased my first 5 pure bred Nubian dairy does in milk. There is a learning curve to any new endevour and through trial and error and a lot of research and blood, sweat, and tears I finally have a fully functional dairy goat farm. In order to maintain the overall health of my animals I perform health tesing on my entire herd and keep a fully clean closed herd. I purchase a new buck every few years from the top National winning pure bred Nubian dairy which continues to be my goal in producing the best dairy goats that can compete on a National level but remain close to home in my barn and give me a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that my goats are beautiful and can put milk in the bucket. On occassion I do permit a few of my gorgeous girls to leave the farm under the watchful care of my dear friend that enjoys showing goats and they take them to local and State fairs and have brought home some pretty ribbons which I proudly display on my wall… but that’s just for fun. Our main endevor is to produce the best tasting, wholesome, pure milk and cheese products. We do offer our milk products in accordance with Florida State laws and is for “Animal Consumption Only” We use our milk to supplement our puppies during their rapid growth and they do very well on it.


American Dairy Goat Association



I’ve been a member since I first got my Pure Bred Nubians and have participated in their LA program for many years!

In addition to preserving pedigrees, maintaining herd books and sanctioning dairy goat shows, the American Dairy Goat Association has performance programs.

Interesting facts:
  • Nubian does are at least 30 inches tall and weigh 135 pounds, while bucks are at least 32 inches tall and weigh 170 pounds.
  • The head is the distinctive breed characteristic with the facial profile between the eyes and the muzzle being strongly convex, often referred to as a “Roman nose.”
  • The ears are “pendulous,” hanging down and flaring out and forward at their rounded tip and extending at least one inch below the muzzle.
  • Nubians may be any color, solid or patterned. The hair is short, fine and glossy.
  • This breed is also known for the high butterfat and protein content of its milk.
Benefits of Goat Milk for Dogs

Goat milk is often considered easier to digest than traditional cow’s milk. Click to learn more about the benfits of Goat Milk.